Seven Months, Six Hymns, Five Books

Seven Months, Six Hymns, Five Books

Young children drink in knowledge, reciting nursery rhymes, memorizing their favorite books, and singing jingles they’ve heard just a few times. Kloria Publishing’s expanding line of children’s books helps parents, siblings, and teachers harness this amazing ability. Children receive spiritual food that lasts a lifetime, memorizing the words read and sung to them.

Today, Kloria releases two board books that proclaim God’s love in all situations. Who Trusts In God a Strong Abode comforts singers of all ages by assuring them of God’s constant care and compassion through all earthly life. The soft colored pencil scenes invite readers to join a little girl as she experiences the trials, temptations, and everyday forgiveness of a child’s life. Depart in Peace: The Nunc Dimittis for Children leads readers to rejoice with Simeon at the promises of God fulfilled in the incarnate Christ. Bright iconographic imagery recounts God’s faithfulness to the saints of old and of today.

A recent flip book release allows families to enjoy two hymns in one book by reflecting on Christ’s passion while singing the Lenten hymn Christ, the Life of All the Living, and then flipping the book over to rejoice in His resurrection with the Easter hymn Like the Golden Sun Ascending (sometimes abridged as Thanks to Thee, O Christ, Victorious). Bold illustrations chronicle our salvation, bringing Lent and Easter to life for even the youngest readers.

Other board books released in the past several months include Holy, Holy, Holy: The Sanctus for Children and Now Thank We All Our God. In Holy, Holy, Holy, the Sanctus bridges the Old Testament and Christ, proclaiming His coming and―in turn―the coming of the Sacrament in the liturgy. Through bright images inspired by iconography, readers join a little girl as she glimpses key events in the life of Christ, until He fully reveals Himself at the Resurrection. Now Thank We All Our God is a hymn of thanksgiving that often graces baptisms, confirmations, and weddings. Photorealistic artwork, reminiscent of a cherished family album, connects the cycle of events in the Christian life to the overarching theme of the marriage feast of the Lamb.

These books encourage the song of the church to echo in homes and schools, reminding children of God’s great love for them as they sing hymns throughout their day.

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